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About Me

About Me

Who I Am

About me

Hai I am Devan MV, I Am a Designer, Web developer, Blog Writer and Electriction from Thodupuzha, currently based in Kerala. I studied at the Fine Art University of Oxford , where I gained a 1st Class GAE Hons in Design: Multimedia and Graphics.

What can I do for you ...

Amazing Features

Design Your World

Emotions are complicated, But we feel your Emotions so, we can make you design needs, perfectly

Expert SEO

Why is SEO so important?

SEO will certainly improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility, but what other real value…

Build Your Online Presence

Grow your online presence? how ? Make a website!! we build your website Business/Personal

My Skills

My Skills

What I Do

Web & Graphic Design
Web & Graphic Design
CMS | WordPress, Etc.
CMS | WordPress, Etc.
Hosting & SEO
Hosting & SEO
Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

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What I Offer

Web Development

We are professional web designers. our website design team will register domain, Design your website and Host it on server. High quality Low price

Android Application Development

Build your first Android app with me at low cost, we offer Affordable freelance mobile Application development services. ecommerce Apps, Personal Apps, Educational Apps

Graphic design

We take all your visual communication needs. As a graphic designer we are always looking for new ways to share our work creatively, So we do your Business cards, Webdesigns,…

Electrical Engineering

Need Electrical Work?
We do both electrical installation and maintenance
We offer Education & Training

Here are my services!

Web designing, Graphic designing, Banner design, Video editing, Media broadcasting, live streaming, Domain registration, Web hosting, Free web hosting, Android app development, SEO services, Social media Marketting, Electrical automation and Education

News From My Blog

News From My Blog

Latest Posts

How to Install Ubuntu in Windows PC

Brief: This detailed article shows you how to dual boot Ubuntu with Windows 10, step-by-step, accompanied with proper screenshots.

How to join clubhouse..?

Please follow me first https://clubhouse.com/@devanthodupuzha you can download clubhouse officially at play store https://staging.clubhouse.com/android_app after installing the application you need to enter your mobile number…

My Ventures

Nice to meet you


Entethodupuzha is a informative web portal all about Thodupuzha Town. currently The website works are progressing we will Launch www.entethodupuzha.com as soon as possible.


Entevidyalayam is a informative web portal about psc general education. currently The website works are progressing we will Launch www.entevidyalayam.com as soon as possible.


Entecinema is the leading social web platform of who love malayalam movies. entecinema provide latest movie reviews and movie promotion and shotfilim production.


We are starting the new generation era of online shopping. in the future we are chenge the name of online shoping that is entechantha.com (Foxshopy)

Contact Me

Contact Me

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    Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Your presence are always such a gift. Thank you so much.

    Devan Thodupuzha

    Anakoodu, Thodupuzha

    Idukki - 685584


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